Three things about me:

  • I am convinced that everyone can contribute to the success of a team. Nothing is more satisfying than achieving goals together as a team.
  • I am convinced that technology must serve people and not the other way around. Technology is the toolbox to realize our full potential and it allows us to unleash our creativity and innovation.
  • I am convinced that good project management is the key to entrepreneurial success.

Three things about Staller Consulting:

  • Staller Consulting is a young company dedicated to project management and coaching.
  • Staller Consulting knows what it takes to execute a project. With 15+ years of experience delivering projects within various project management frameworks, Staller Consulting has a solid foundation.
  • Staller Consulting focuses on delivering early (partial) results that are of immediate benefit to your business. Agile concepts and approaches are used for this purpose.