Introducing the Lean Team Organization

Introducing the Lean Team Organization Why a New Organizational Structure? Over the last 15+ years I have worked in most of the existing organizational structures currently known. This includes the line, matrix and project organization and numerous kinds of hybrid structures. In technology companies which operate in a fast moving and a highly complex environment, all these […]

Re-thinking how organizations work

Re-thinking how organizations work Think about the organizational structure you work in and evaluate the following questions: Do you work in a line, matrix or project organizational structure pimped up with some agile methodology, but you don’t see any improvements in customer value, innovation and transparency? Do you have many projects running in parallel but […]

About teams

About teams TEAMs are the innovation engine of an organization. To control them, managers must understand how teams behave as a system and how to influence them in order to get maximum team performance. The difficulty, though, is that they cannot be managed directly from the outside. Instead, managers must indirectly control teams through the […]

7 rules to manage your backlog

7 rules to manage your backlog Using a Backlog for your product is one of the best ways to sort requests and to manage your development effectively and efficiently. If you do it right, you’ll always keep a clear focus on customer value. With a traditional project management background, you probably remember a similar element […]

Why AI is indispensable to dynamically shaping company processes

Why AI is Indispensable to Dynamically Shaping Company Processes Process descriptions are put in place to cover 80% -90% of all activities inside a company. They are intended to give guidance to new employees and to make sure that lessons learned are considered. Today, company processes are best described as fix and firm policies to […]