Coaching & Training

All businesses are – in the end – people businesses. Coaching and training consequently deal
with the further development of your employees to grow and make them perform better.


Staller Consulting offers systemic coaching for project managers, an agile coach for your project teams or supports your managers and employees in their daily work.

Systemic coaching does not end with diagnosis. It is the perfect support for

  • Project Managers that lost track because they are overwhelmed by the quantity and/or complexity inherited in a running project. Staller Consulting as a sparring partner brings back the overview, self-confidence and trust in existing abilities.
  • Project Managers that feel they need to improve their impact on project teams
  • Line managers who need to strengthen their effectiveness of their Project Managers

At the end of the day the answers to most questions and problems are most of the time already present in the respective Project Manager facing challenges. Stallers systemic coaching approach helps employees to ask the right questions and find their way to solve problems.

Agile Coach

Agile Coaching pays close attention to the interaction of team members. In this role Staller Consulting observes, gives feedback and thus supports project management teams to adopt an agile mindset. The target in a business environment is to make teams work based on agile methods and values. Transparency, group cohesion, self-organisation and taking responsibility are somehow the ingredients for an agile mindset. Effectiveness, better results, better products and services are the outcome.

With his profound knowledge and certification in the field of agile coaching Alexander Staller can help you.


We provide training specifically adapted to your team needs and skill level. Therefore, we first would like to understand your goals and based on this we make a proposal to train your team and managers.

Contact us for a first evaluation of how Staller Consulting can help make your employees more skilled in project management and teamwork.

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