A signpost only shows the way. Within the scope of active project management as a service (PMaaS)
we go the whole way with you. We guide you to the goal of your semiconductor project.

Staller Consulting takes over the active management of your projects. By way of interim management, we cover the following processes and accompany them “from scratch” – from the first moderated workshop to go-live and market launch of your product. We are specialized in semiconductor projects with the following highlights: 

  • IC development projects
  • Back-end test equipment projects
  • Qualification projects for the automotive industry (AEC-Q100)
  • IC production ramp-up projects (from IC validation to production start-up)


Staller Consulting helps when your project manager for the semiconductor team or the responsible department manager is unavailable for a defined time-span. Due to the know-how available at Staller, we lead your semiconductor team effectively and efficiently after an extremely short training period. Customer requirements are not lost and customer relationships do not suffer. Even in a dynamic environment, deadlines are met, the planned brand launch date and project success are never in jeopardy.


At Staller Consulting we believe that experience in project management is the foundation for successful projects. At the same time, methods must be used flexibly and must not follow a strict approach. When selecting methods, many parameters have to be considered. The most obvious decision criteria are the situation of the project, the culture of the company and the team, the previous experience of the team and the desired direction of development of the team. Staller Consulting has the knowledge and practical experience to apply or introduce project management methods optimally in your project.

In addition to this methodological know-how and practical experience, Staller Consulting also brings all the tools, checklists and processes that are necessary for the successful implementation of projects. This is particularly suitable for customers who do not yet have professional project management in their company and/or cannot find the time to introduce project management themselves. Specifically, this means your team can continue to focus on their core competency (e.g. development) and Staller Consulting provides the necessary and proven project structures and leadership to achieve your project goals from day one.

The main areas covered by our tools, checklists and processes are time planning, budget planning, resource planning and requirements management. Here we rely on proven tools that have been successful in practice, such as wrike ( and codebeamer ( Our employees are therefore not only experienced project managers, but also professionals in the use of these tools.

Our tools are designed to meet industry standards such as the ASPICE® standard. Staller Consulting’s project management allows you to start with a project management maturity level 2 (according to ASPICE®). After a start-up phase and as soon as the processes are lived in the team, your project management is at a maturity level 3.

A concrete example would be the qualification of a new semiconductor product according to AEC-Q100. Staller Consulting has defined an available process for this as well as the complete requirements management. This allows you to start qualification immediately and be sure that all necessary tests are performed according to the standard. Additional areas that Staller Consulting can directly support project managers are risk analysis, FMEAs and supplier management.

If you have a specific field you would like to cover in your project, feel free to contact us. We at Staller Consulting are very interested in contributing our experience.


Academic Education as M.Sc. Computer Science and Engineering. Certifications as Systemic Coach, Project Management Professional (PMP®) and DA Senior Scrum Master (DASSM®).

Senior Project Management Professional for over 17 years. Agile Coach and Senior Scrum Master for a good 5 years.

Many years of experience in leading and coaching agile teams from various industries (mobile, aerospace, semiconductor). Agnostic coaching approach based on profound knowledge of agile methods and frameworks (SCRUM, SAFe®).

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